Are You in Business to Make Money?

Seem like a silly question?  Then why do many small business owners avoid their monthly accounting statements?

When you go to a ball game or you play golf, there is a standard method for keeping score.  In baseball, for example, there are many different stats that are kept.  If a player knows his stats, he or she can train to get a better score.

Accounting statements work the same way.  They are a little more complicated than most scoreboards.  But with a little help and practice, any business owner can learn how to read and understand them. 

Business ownership is a profession that anyone can learn to do.  Professionals learn all they can about the core skills in their profession.  Reading accounting statements is one of those core skills, along with getting them put together by a trained bookkeeper.

Do you have questions about the important stats you need to track in your business and the best ways to do that?  I can help you get on the right track so you’re on the financial pulse of your business.

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