Are You Stuck!

As businesses grow, they often run into new, unexpected challenges.  For example, when a business grows to about 10 employees, the owner feels like he is running around like a hamster in a wheel.  Too busy to know what to do!  It happens again at about 25 or 30 employees.

The real question is what should you do about it.  Statistically, most business owners go back to where they felt more comfortable—with fewer people.  They can’t make as much money but at least they feel they kept their sanity.  Others sell their business to escape the chaos. 

But what if you commit to work through this new challenge?  To learn as much as you can about why this is happening and what your other options are?  What if you have the courage and clear, progressive strategy to succeed with your growth?    

“Over-busy” is always a symptom of a problem—not the problem.  It can be addressed in several ways.  In many cases it is a clue that processes have not kept up with growth.  That means it can be solved.  You just need to adopt new perspectives and proven strategies to deal with new situations.  Panic is not necessary. 

What stage is your business in?  And what upcoming transition is it time to plan for in your business? And what is the opportunity for you on the other side if you do? 

If you are interested in learning more about a clear, proven strategy to deal with growth and changes in your business—let’s talk.

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