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What Are Your Feelings About Sales?

Many business owners feel uncomfortable thinking of themselves as a salesperson.  Are you in that group?

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Are You Ready to Improve Your Business' Efficiency?

Why is efficiency good?  There are several reasons.   The goal most people start with is that more gets done with the same resources.  That leads to increased cost efficiency ...

How Good Is Your Sales Game?

You invested precious time to connect and start a relationship.  You may have even spoken.  But they were not yet ready, ...

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Most business owners get into business to make money.  They have a great product or service, they work hard, and they want the freedom of working for themselves.  They are excited!

There are some choices that can help speed up the process.

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How many hats do you wear

How Many Hats Do You Wear?

You’re in business – you are supposed to wear a lot of hats!  Maybe all the hats!  Right?

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How Do I Make More Money From My Business?

One question business owners ask is “how do I make more money?”  And that is a great question!  How indeed?

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team building

Hiring for Character

Building a team is one powerful step toward building a great business!  But some busy owners new to building teams are in a hurry to get help.

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Is Finding More Customers Important to You?

There is a simple formula, or step-by-step process, perhaps not well known, that works to attract more people, and that you could implement today.

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Bright Shiny Objects

A business friend of mine likes to talk about chasing “bright shiny objects”.  You know what I mean, all those new, sexy ideas that jump out of a post and seem important right now. 

Is Your Business Too Complicated?

Some business owners wish their business could be more organized and predictable.  The specifics of their situations vary, but the overall picture is always the same.

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Dashboard ideas

Making Sense of Your Business

If you aspire to build a business that provides the most income, without working huge numbers of hours, then a strategic perspective has a history of working best.

Intentional Systematic Business Growth

Many business owners focus most of their time and energy on finding new clients, and then delivering their products or services on those transactions.

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Book recommendations

Recommended Books

Business owners who want to scale their business beyond just a wage need to have and use data to make good business decisions. 

Business Growth is a Strange Thing

Many small business owners think in terms of making the next sale.  But if they want to scale up, there are several more issues also involved.

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Perceptual Map

Are You Selling to the Right Target Market?

A business owner I know struggled for years selling a service that could be perceived as a luxury.  In this particular case, she chose to market to groups of people that she identified with personally.  But they did not value her service enough to pay the price.

How Do You Handle Customer Complaints?

Have you ever had a customer complaint? Or a bad review? Your reputation is on the line!

Angry Customer
Going in circles

How is Your Business Progressing? Are You Getting Essential Things Done?

It’s one thing to know stuff.  It’s another thing to get it done effectively and efficiently. 

Do You Enjoy Conflict?

New business leaders often get stuck the day they need a person to change their behavior but fear the confrontation.  This is a real obstacle to growth. 

Business conflict
Team working together

Need Some Daily Meeting Agenda Ideas to Meet Your Goals?

Keeping on track toward achieving your goals is difficult—especially if you are new to leading a team.  It requires a strong vision, a good plan, the right people to help, and an effective process to track your progress toward your goals.

Do You Have Too Many Balls in the Air?

Many successful small business owners reach a stage where they feel they have too many different things going on.  Some say they have “too many balls in the air.”  Does this apply to you? 

Too Busy
Old Dishwasher taken out

Something Old and Something New

Often, small business owners don’t take the time to check and see if there are better, more efficient, and more effective ways to accomplish their tasks.

What Did You Do This Week to Further the Culture of Your Business?

One key component of leadership is creating and steering your team to a culture that fits your vision for your business. 

Customers love a company
"Smiling Price Tag"

How Much Do You Charge?

Most buyers ask this question because they don’t know what else to ask and want to determine if you are the right person to talk to or determine if this project is worth the effort and corresponding investment.

Time Management is Your Solution for Too Busy

You can manage priorities and how you use time.  So as a business owner what are your priorities?  Are you investing enough time in the activities that help you achieve your priorities or are you headed for burnout instead?

Are You in Business to Make Money?

When you go to a ball game or you play golf, there is a standard method for keeping score.  In baseball, for example, there are many different stats that are kept.  If a player knows his stats, he or she can train to get a better score.

How Do You Make Your Business Unique?

There is no one, simple way to make your business unique. The process requires creative thought and time to learn more about your market.  But here are some ideas for a starting point:

What is Required for Effective Leadership?

Many books and posts are written about leadership.  Leadership creates and drives the vision of an organization forward toward a future desired outcome.  An organization cannot grow without a direction to grow toward!

What Will Happen to All of the Empty Office Buildings?

Recently, a question came up about what will become of all the empty office buildings.  That led to a discussion of the various kinds and sizes of businesses, and how they might readapt as COVID restrictions become a distant memory.

How Do You Become an Effective Salesman?

A new business owner asked about how to become a salesperson—that dreaded person stereotyped in movies as a big-talking, sleazy person who makes big promises just to get the sale.

There is an alternative approach. 

When Significant Business Growth is Your Goal

A business owner told me recently he wants to grow and greatly expand his business but this past year with COVID restrictions has been very challenging in terms of meeting that goal.  He had to make a lot of difficult decisions.  He needed direction as to how to move forward and meet that goal efficiently and effectively. 

Are You Way Too Busy?

Recently a business owner told me he felt way too busy and could not keep up with all the demands.  His clients and his employees all needed his attention constantly. 

Do You Remember the 4 Ps of Marketing?

The four Ps are:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

When was the last time your marketing consultant talked about these basic, four fundamental principles? ...

What Problems Do Your Products or Services Solve for Your Customers or Clients?      

Several business owners I spoke with recently had challenges answering this question. 


Are You Stuck!

As businesses grow, they often run into new, unexpected challenges.


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