What is Required for Effective Leadership?

Many books and posts are written about leadership.  Leadership creates and drives the vision of an organization forward toward a future desired outcome.  An organization cannot grow without a direction to grow toward! 

But what about a process to ensure adequate resources are dedicated productively on achieving that vision.  That process is more history focused than future focused.  We often call it management.  It includes planning details, balancing resources required to make progress, and accountability to make sure the plan was executed successfully. 

An organization of three to five people is easy to manage, but what about teams of 10, 20, 50, or more?  This growth leads to dividing up activities among specialists and that leads to an organization structure.  But as an organization scales up, the number of communications links between individuals grows exponentially.  This is especially critical if some team members work remotely or in the field.

As you plan to scale up your organization, be sure to include robust communications processes among your team members to ensure your success.  Please reach out if I can help. 

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