Making Sense of Your Business

The Dashboard

Businesses can be run from several different perspectives. 

  • One is transactional; get a job – do a job.  Taking it 1 job at a time. 
  • It can also be done very strategically with big, long-term goals. 

Both approaches can lead to great businesses … But ... 

If you aspire to build a business that provides the most income, without working huge numbers of hours, then a strategic perspective has a history of working best.

One tool that helps business owners drive towards a goal is a dashboard to see which areas of the business work best, and which need help.  Just like driving your car.  How fast is the car going?  How much gas is left in the tank?  Etc.

That means knowing the numbers that matter most in your business and having the underlying data available to support deeper investigation into the details.  It also implies effective management processes are utilized, so that everyone can see what works and what does not. 

What has helped you drive your business forward?

Do you have questions about the important stats you need to track in your business and the best ways to do that?  I can help you get on the right track so you’re on the financial pulse of your business.

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