Intentional Systematic Business Growth

Many business owners focus most of their time and energy on finding new clients, and then delivering their products or services on those transactions. 

An additional opportunity is to create repeat business, in an intentional, systematic way, so that the same customer buys over and over.  After all, if you have done well, you built trust – why would they not prefer to buy from someone they trust over an unknown business?  Along with that, create Raving Fans, who sell for you in addition to your own efforts.

On average, the cost to buy a new customer is 6 time higher than to keep an existing customer.  Your mileage may differ, that is an average.

The key is to develop products and business processes with the intention of achieving repeat-business goals. 

Repeat business should not replace development of new customers – but can work along-side existing new customer development efforts to enhance profitability.

This leads to a question; what could you do to design your business to maximize repeat business?

Let’s connect and talk about your unique plan and process for prosperity. 

One of the secrets to growth is selling to the right target market - if you want to read more, go to this link about target markets - LINK

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