How Do You Make Your Business Unique?

Many business owners hear that they need to be unique and target their marketing.  But how do you do that? 

There is no one, simple way to make your business unique. The process requires creative thought and time to learn more about your market.  But here are some ideas for a starting point:

  • Who are your past customers or clients?
  • Who are the top 20% of those?
  • Which customers or clients bought from you more than once?
  • Why did they buy from you?
  • What was it about your product or service that they liked most?  What did they like least?

This is critical insight to have.  Don’t guess about why customers buy from you. Do surveys to learn directly from them. By the way, if customers buy from you because you have the lowest price, you are already in trouble!

Next write your marketing messages to attract people who want what your best customers want, and not what your competitors’ best customers want.

Fine tuning your effective marketing messages is important.  If you need some help, please let me know.

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