Hiring for Character

Can you imagine a football team with only the owner trying to win the Super Bowl?  Or does it take more people?

Building a team is one powerful step toward building a great business!  But some busy owners new to building teams are in a hurry to get help.  They don’t feel they have time to prepare and train.  So, they hire people for technical skills. 

But what technical skills do they really bring?  What if the new hire brings unwanted baggage from their last employer?  Maybe not serve customers the way you want? 

What about their attitude?  Are they really looking for THIS job?  Or are they looking for ANY job that provides a steady paycheck?  At your expense!

And why really was it they left their last employer?  Did they leave because they had to?

Look ahead.  Take time to hire and train the right person.  It will be much better for the financial health of your business.  And your peace of mind.

As you plan to scale up your organization, be sure to include robust criteria to specify exactly what attributes you need to hire for to ensure your success.  Please reach out if I can help

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