Need Some Daily Meeting Agenda Ideas to Meet Your Goals?

Keeping on track toward achieving your goals is difficult—especially if you are new to leading a team.  It requires a strong vision, a good plan, the right people to help, and an effective process to track your progress toward your goals. 

It’s important to measure if your team members are moving in the right direction and at the right pace.  If not, you need to detect gaps from the plan and understand what to change to get things back on track.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are great tools for this purpose.  These are numbers that you can use to monitor your progress just like you would use the indicators on the dashboard of your car.  For example, what is your speed?  Or how much gas is in the tank?

Once you have a basis in place to track progress, then you need to make sure you and the team are clearly focused on the right track.  Short daily huddles are great tools for that purpose allocating one minute per person.  Ask:

>  What was accomplished during the last 24 hours (KPI metrics)?

>  What will be accomplished during the next 24 hours?

>  What am I stuck on right now?

Try this approach going forward to be certain you are working toward your goals successfully.  If you want to learn more—please connect with me.

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