Do You Remember the 4 Ps of Marketing?

The four Ps are:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

When was the last time your marketing consultant talked about these basic, four fundamental principles?  There are all kinds of jargon.  But how well do those match up against these fundamentals?  How well does the jargon produce a sufficient number of actual results—like predictable numbers of sellable leads? At an acceptable cost per lead? What is an acceptable cost per lead to you?

 Many times, you are only paying your marketing consultant for promotion.  And they only promote what they have been contracted to promote.  The rest is up to you. 

 If getting more customers or clients is important to you, it’s time to review your total marketing plan.  How well are those four fundamental Ps addressed in your current plan?   

 Next confirm your results (your actual numbers).  Are you getting what you are paying for?  If you want more—design your plan and process to get more. 

 Let’s connect and talk about your unique plan and process for prosperity. 

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