How Much Do You Charge?

Do you get this question at the beginning of your business conversations?  How do you answer it?  Is lowest price your sales strategy?

Most buyers ask this question because they don’t know what else to ask and want to determine if you are the right person to talk to or determine if this project is worth the effort and corresponding investment.

If you are in business to make money, price is NOT the best way to differentiate yourself.  If price was the determining factor in most buying decisions, companies like Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, and BMW would not sell the products they do.

Your prospect always has other considerations than just price.  Your job is to find out what they are and how you can provide the best value for their situation. You do that with these questions:

>  What is the outcome they are looking for?

>  Why is that outcome important to them? 

>  What are the various ways to achieve that outcome? 

Once you have these answers, you can educate your prospects on your solutions and how they help them achieve their desired results.  It’s their outcome that is most important to them—not your product or your price.

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