Hoow Good Is Your Sales Game?

How good is your Sales game?

How effective are you at following up with your prospects?  How often do you make that call? 

You invested precious time to connect and start a relationship.  You may have even spoken.  But they were not yet ready, and you did not want to “bother them and be a pest”.  After all, they might not like you if you pester them.

Have you heard of the “3% Rule”?  It suggests that at any moment, 3% of a market population are ready to buy - now.  That means 97% aren’t – yet.  They are in some stage of working toward being in that 3% “ready to buy” group. 

So, when they finally reach the “ready” stage, who do you think they are going to call?  Are they going to call you?  Who they can’t remember because it has been such a long time?  Or are they going to do an internet search, and find someone else?

  • What is your plan to be relevant and remain current in their mind?
  • How good are you at doing that plan?
  • Is it important?  Then escape your comfort zone and do it.

Try this approach going forward to be certain you are working toward your goals successfully. If you want to learn more—please connect with me.

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