What Problems Do Your Products or Services Solve for Your Customers or Clients?      

Several business owners I spoke with recently had challenges answering this question.  It’s not that they don’t know what they provide to clients—it’s that they don’t know what specific client problems they solve. 

Remember the story of the drill?  A person goes into a hardware store to buy a drill.  The store owner sells him a drill.  He goes home and discovers he needs a drill bit.  He goes back to the store and buys a drill bit.  He gets home and discovers the bit he bought doesn’t work in the concrete wall.  He goes back to the store to buy a drill bit that works in concrete.  He gets home and discovers the power plug is too far away from where he needs to use the drill.  He goes back to the store to buy an extension cord.  All to hang a picture of his kids.

What if the hardware store owner had asked a few more questions about the real problem and the scope of the job at the beginning?  The person did not need a drill.  The person needed a hole in a concrete wall in a specific spot. 

How often do we miss what the real problem is and how we can solve it for our clients?  It’s critical to be clear about your products or services and the problems or challenges they resolve.  Solutions matter. 

Please reach out if you need help clarifying the solutions your products or services provide to your clients. 

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