What Are Your Feelings About Sales?

What are your feelings about sales?

Many business owners feel uncomfortable thinking of themselves as a salesperson.  Are you in that group?

You got into business for a reason.  Yes, of course you want to make an income.  But you picked a particular product or service for a reason.  In some way you identified something people need – and you decided to fulfill that need.  How do you meet their needs without completing sales?

So, how does a prospect decide you are the best person for them to choose? - You have to be the one to make the difference. 

Part of that is providing an offering that is unique, and exactly what that prospect wants.  Remember, they will buy on emotion, therefore they will buy what they want before they buy what they need.  If you don’t feel that is true, why do junk food, candy, and desserts take up as much space in the grocery store as the produce area?

The other part is your skill at helping them decide what they should buy and how they should buy it.  The stereotype used car salesman image of a big talking, product pushing person is not the model that actually works best – except maybe in movies.  What works best is learning how to ask great questions, and listening to the answers. 

The approach you use is in your control.  But might take a little thought and practice.  And getting training can speed up the process.

Try this approach going forward to be certain you are working toward your goals successfully.

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