How Many Hats Do You Wear?

You’re in business – you are supposed to wear a lot of hats!  Maybe all the hats!  Right?

>      Why do you believe that? 

>      Who told you that is the rule?

>      How can you possibly get everything done if you wear all the hats in your business?

So, let’s imagine for a minute.  If the business owner decided to not wear all the hats, and trained somebody else wear some of them, how much more could he(she) get done? 

That would require learning new skills.  Skills like how to add leverage into the business.  How to hire.  How to manage.  How to lead.  Even if he outsourced work, he must still pick the right organization, manage their results, and keep them focused on providing the results he needs.  These are skills to learn, just like producing the service he normally provides. 

But providing the service itself might become an important hat to let go of too.  Which would allow the owner to focus on getting more people served and growing the business profits, rather than being the business. 

Was it your goal to have a business to make money and have time to enjoy it?  Or was your goal to be the technician and work tons of hours?

As you plan to scale up your organization, be sure to include robust criteria to specify exactly what attributes you need to hire for to ensure your success.  Please reach out if I can help

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