Are You Way Too Busy?

Recently a business owner told me he felt way too busy and could not keep up with all the demands.  His clients and his employees all needed his attention constantly.

I mentioned a quote from a podcast—"I succeeded when I quit.”  What an amazing way to express it!  Basically, the speaker looked for the low-value tasks that got in the way of doing the high-value activities that produce growth.  Next he made a goal to replace himself in those lower-value tasks.  He set a goal to quit one low-value task every week.

How many times have you heard, “if you want it done right you have to do it yourself!”  But it turns out that is the opposite of what is really needed for success in business. 

Instead, you need more leverage to get more success from your business.  To achieve that, you need to look for ways to hand off more responsibilities to others. 

There are many ways to do that poorly so it’s important to learn the critical skills of delegation.  How empowering would it feel for you to let go of some of your responsibilities and know they will be handled appropriately?  I think you would find it very empowering. 

Here are a few questions for you to consider:

  • How do you feel about delegation? 
  • How do you approach your tasks? 

Customized delegation plans that meet your needs and take your comfort level into account are available.  Please reach out to learn more. 

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