What Will Happen to All of the Empty Office Buildings?

Recently, a question came up about what will become of all the empty office buildings.  That led to a discussion of the various kinds and sizes of businesses, and how they might readapt as COVID restrictions become a distant memory.

Several concerns came up about remote operation.  They included:

  • Acceptance of newer technologies
  • How to ensure all of your team members are actually productive
  • How to manage your internal relationships and culture
  • How to interact with your customers or clients, colleagues, and suppliers

Examples ranged from large, multi-national companies like Google, who seem to have figured out remote operation even before COVID, to a small 11-person landscaping company and all the different considerations they might experience.

Even under “normal” conditions, businesses must learn how to manage team productivity in order to grow profitably.  All functions need to be defined clearly.  Key measurements are needed to ensure productivity is maintained and improved and profitability is ensured.  These issues are even more critical to operate successfully remotely.

How is your plan going for post-COVID operation?  If you have questions, I’d be glad to discuss them with you

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