Bright Shiny Objects

A business friend of mine likes to talk about chasing “bright shiny objects”.  You know what I mean, all those new, sexy ideas that jump out of a post and seem important right now. 

And most of them are valuable – at the right time in the plan. 

The question is how to manage them. 

When we talk about them, we test them against his business vision.  In other words, does that idea take him toward or away from his objective.  If it is toward, does it fit in the plan right now?  Or later? 

These are tests we apply to each new idea.  And then if it seems appropriate for later, we store that idea in a list to consider at our next quarterly planning session – so we never lose it. 

How do you keep focus toward your goals with all these great ideas floating around?

What is your vision?  Do you need help organizing your time to realize your vision?  I’m here to answer any questions you may have. 

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