Business Growth is a Strange Thing

Many small business owners think in terms of making the next sale.  But if they want to scale up, there are several more issues also involved. 

Little things-like production capacity.  How do you get past a certain scale without hiring people?  Even if you work 24/7?

>      Then, how do you hire the right people? 

>     And, have confidence they will do the right things the right way at the right time.

>      And make sure it is being done profitably.

And that gets to a cash flow question.  That is, how do you pay them?

How do you make sure you have enough cash to pay people… unless you have confidence in your sales plan … because you have confidence in your ability to attract enough more prospects … and convert them to customers.

Sound familiar?

If scaling up your business is important, without working a huge number of hours, it makes sense to create and follow a plan with clear strategies, processes, and steps to manage each of those issues. 

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