Is Your Business Too Complicated?

Is your business too complicated?

Some business owners wish their business could be more organized and predictable.  The specifics of their situations vary, but the overall picture is always the same.

Most times, they had skipped past implementing a foundational step earlier because something else seemed more urgent at the time.  Then they built their business up with all of the processes and specifics in their head – and neglected to train anyone to make decisions except themselves. 

I spoke extensively with an owner like this last week.  Now, he has to make all decisions.   And there are a lot more moving parts now than there used to be.  It would have been much easier to put processes in place before he got the business this big and complicated. 

And then it would be so much easier to delegate responsibilities to other individuals in the team!   With peace of mind!

Do you aspire to BE the business, or to proactively position yourself to stop doing key activities IN your business and work ON growing your business profit instead?

Let’s connect and talk about your unique plan and process for prosperity.

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