Something Old and Something New

After 20 years of service, it’s time to replace the dishwasher!  Gone!

The new dishwasher is now installed and it works perfectly.  My wife is ecstatic.  It’s so much quieter than the old one.

As this replacement process was going on, I started thinking about some of the trades businesses I know, how many of them got started, got work-flow processes started, and then kept them forever.  These processes include:

Marketing practices

>  Estimating practices

>  Sales practices

>  Work practices

>  Invoicing and collection practices and more

Often, they don’t take the time to check and see if there are better, more efficient, and more effective ways to accomplish these tasks.  Also, they keep all of the details all in their heads.  Because of this it is difficult to train someone how to fit in and do those tasks for them.

Does that sound like your business?  If you don’t write it down, you are destined to do it forever.  You can’t train someone else to do these tasks to meet your expectations if the important information to do so is all in your head. 

Do you want to grow your income and increase your free time?  Train other people to do what you’ve always done so you can do more important stuff that results in a better income. 

There are many tools available to help you achieve these improvements.  If you’d like more information, please contact me.  

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